Green Glow In The Dark Laces

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Give your shoes a glow up!

These Fluro Green Glow in the Dark Shoelaces are going to take your night runs to the next level! Glowing Shoelaces are a fantastic glow in the dark party accessory, great for costumes, dances, glowing party favors, Glow Runs and festivals! Glow in the Dark shoelaces will transform any pair of regular sneakers into incredible glowing kicks!

Charge these glowing shoelaces under a natural light and watch them glow in the dark with a bright green glow! No batteries required, just expose to light and they'll glow again and again!

0.70 CM
Material Polyester fibers luminescent yarn + Plastic tips
Type Flat lace
Package 1 pair



Place under a light for a few minutes to charge up your laces which will then glow green while in the dark. Use a UV Black Light to instantly charge the shoelaces or wear under a black light for a blue glow effect.

Not sure what size to pick? Feel free to refer to our Shoelace Sizing Guide !