May 29, 2021 2 min read

Belaced Nike Shoelaces Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez is one of the most iconic athletes in skateboarding history. He is one of the few skaters that has not only made great achievements in the skate scene but also in the sneaker culture. The new "What The P-Rod" sneakers are here to prove his impact on both scenes.

Most of us became sneakerheads as the result of the release of certain classic sneakers that touched our hearts and souls. One of those was the Nike SB, not just because it was the sneaker made for skate fans, but because it was one of the first pairs of Nike's that were focused on something more than basketball.

In the last few years, it became a forgotten pair that had to fight against other brands that wanted to reach skate fans and the hype culture around shoes like Yeezy's and Jordans'. Household names that became extremely popular.

But after so many years, it seems that the SB furor is back with new models that are just in time for the upcoming Olympic games. Let's talk about this really amazing pair called What The P-Rod. Its design combines the most classic parts of each pair of SB that the brand has released, inspired and created by the skater legend in the past 10 years.

From its iconic elephant design that we've seen in some other pairs like ATMOS, the sole with three colors that resemble his origins and so much more, it's a pair that connects all the things that have made us call him a legend in only one pair of shoes.

The release date has been settled on May 24 in the USA with a low cost of $150 USD.

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