August 13, 2019 2 min read

6 Sneaker Cleaning Tips You Will Love

Sneaker cleaning

How much do you love your sneakers? One of the things you must do without fail is to take good care of your shoes. That basically means that you should clean or wash your shoes regularly and properly. In this article, we suggest some actionable ways to keep your sneakers clean and well-maintained. Read on.

Sneaker care

  1. Buy A Specialized Shoes Cleaner

One of the best things you can do is to hit the stores in search of a specialized shoe cleaner. Even though there are many brands of shoe cleaners, all are designed to provide you with the perfect cleaning experience. What you should avoid is any shoe cleaner made from harsh chemicals. Buy the natural cleaners which will do a good job while remaining gentle to your shoes.

Vinegar sneaker

  1. Use a Vinegar Solution as a Cleaner

Perhaps you are constrained in terms of your budget or you don’t want to spend money on a commercial shoe cleaner. Why don’t you make your own cleaner by mixing water and vinegar in a ratio of one to one? Use a soft cloth to apply the solution and then gently scrub the shoes. This method is suitable for all types of shoe materials even though it is best suited for leather sneakers.

baking soda shoe cleaning

  1. Alternatively, Clean With Baking Soda

If your sneakers are soiled, the best way to clean them is using baking soda. Take baking soda and some water. Make a paste which you will then use to scrub soil stains off your shoes. Cleaning with baking soda is wonderful, especially for white sneakers. When used on colored shoes, baking soda may cause unwanted discoloration.

Wiping clean sneakers

  1. Wipe Shoes Whenever There Is a Mess

You don’t have to wait until a general cleaning session over the weekend to have your sneakers cleaned. The best strategy is to wipe your shoes any time you notice a mess. That means you should always carry a wipe with you in a bag or jacket. If you cannot find a specialized wipe, try makeup wipes as an alternative.

baking soda

  1. For Tough Shoe Stains, Use a Brush

For this strategy to work, first, apply your preferred cleaner to the shoes. Then use a brush to scrub the stains out. It works better than wiping with a cloth. But you ought to get it right when it comes to choosing the right cleaner and brush. To quickly clean the soles of your shoes, use a toothbrush. Depending on the material used to make the upper part of the shoes, the abrasive nature of toothbrushes may cause some peeling off. That’s why you must get some softer brushes for the upper part of the shoes.

shoe laces cleaning

  1. Clean the Shoelaces

What’s the point of cleaning your shoes only for your effort to be nullified by dirty shoelaces? Untie the laces and wash them in a machine together with the rest of your clothes. Alternatively, you may soak the laces in a bowl after spraying them with detergent. Then wash them.

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