July 11, 2019 2 min read

8 Trendy Ways to Tie Your Shoelaces

When you come to think of it, shoelaces can be tied in very many ways. While no two people may agree on the way they should tie their laces, one thing that’s agreeable is the fact that shoelaces are a must have. If you are used to just one method, you may want to try out some of the latest shoe trends. Here are suggestions on how to tie your shoe laces:

1. Crisscross Lacing

Since it is the strongest method, crisscross lacing is the most commonly used. It can be used on a types of shoes, as long as they are laced. Simply tie the laces and crisscross then to the end. You will never have to complain about laces coming off loose.

Criss Cross Laces

2. Display Show

When you use the crisscross lacing and turn it on the inside, we refer to it as the display show. It is a popular style used by the stores for shoes on display. Photographers also love it for its clean finishing, given the tendency to hide the ends of the laces out of view.

Display show

3. The Loopback

If you have dark-coloured shoes with light-coloured laces, then this is the best style to tie your shoelaces. This style works very well with long laces. The contrast created between the colours of the laces and the shoes make for great style.

The Loop Back shoelace

4. Army Lacing

To prevent your laces from quickly wearing out, this is the method you should use. With this method, the sides of your shoes are also more flexible. This method is loved by military men and is one of the latest shoes trends for people who want to avoid holding down the sides of their shoes. With crisscross lacing, that wouldn’t be possible.


Army lacing

5. Diamond

If you love sneakers and boots, this is the best way to tie your shoelaces. It is the best method for shoes with lots of eyelets. Besides, you should have eyelets that are big enough for easy and simultaneous passage of the laces. The best laces for this method are flat ones and not the round ones.

Diamond Lace


6. Double Back

This method involves lacing from the shoe’s lower end. Once you are through to the other end, double back to into all eyelets until you reach the starting point. You will need very long laces to pull through this method.


Double Back Laces

7. Ladder Lacing

One way to tie your laces is to aim for a final look that appears like a ladder. Like the double back method, it works well with long shoelaces. It is preferred by skaters, hikers, and paratroopers due to the way it tightly hold onto shoes, not allowing it to come off.


Ladder Lacing

8. Over Under

This method is such that the laces are made to crisscross over and under each other interchangeably. It makes it possible to reduce friction between laces. Use it to easily loosen and tighten the laces. The aesthetic appeal of the final look is also very high.

Over under lacing


There goes some of the methods you can use to tie your shoelaces. If you have shoes that do not use laces, don’t fret. Simply put them on and get going.

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